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Hairstyles from the 90s

Hairstyles from the 90s

This is sure to bring you back down memory lane! A collection of hairstyles from the 1990s!

Who could forget the bowl?

90s haircut

Here's a picture of Olympic swimmer Adam Whitehead from the 90s.

Adam Whitehead

Here's Dawson from Dawson's Creek sporting some wavy floppy hair, which was all the rage back in the 90s:

Dawsons Creek Hairstyle

Braided hair with bows!

Barettes 90s

Remember how popular the headband was? Here's Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All:


Mall bangs were all the rage!

Mall bangs 90s

Back then, a girl's hairstyle could be rated by how big and colorful her scrunchie was:


Now we're getting into dangerous territory! Look at that dashing shirt!


This prom photo from the early 90s should bring back some memories!

90s prom

This is starting to get awkward!


Laura Palmer from the television series Twin Peaks:

Laura Palmer

Remember how short hair became a popular thing among black women?

Short hair black woman

This picture of Mariah Carey with long curly hair sums up the decade pretty well:

Mariah carey curly

Some gelled flip-front hair:

Flip front hair

I'm sure you remember the hairstyle that Friends star Jennifer Aniston had back then!

Jennifer Aniston

The "blonde curtains" style was extremely popular among boy bands and, um, David Beckham...

Blond Curtains 90s

There's no way I could finish this list without including Zach Morris!

Zach Morris

In fact, we might as well add the entire Saved By The Bell cast:

Saved By The Bell Cast

Here's Cindy Crawford with an early 90s hairstyle. Notice the volume:

I don't know who this guy is, but I just had to include him and his curly top:

Curly Hair

Oh man!

Who could forget the mushroom!


What were we doing back then???

Here's 2pac, summing up what hairstyles young black men were rocking back then:

Black Hair style 90s

Even Brad Pitt wasn't immune to it all!

Brad Pitt

Meg Ryan:

Meg Ryan

Jennifer Aniston boasting the "extremely straight hair look".

Here are the Olsen twins (who are now 26) with those mini ponytails that were popular:

Olsen Twins 90s

Who could forget the colorful hair wraps?

Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing butterfly clips:

Butterfly clips

The hi-top fade!

Hi Top Fade

Remember when guys started to bleach the tips of their hair?

Bleached hair

Girls with dreads also became a thing.

Girl dreads

This album cover by RnB group En Vogue has 90s written all over it:


Here's Jonathan Brandis sporting a typical grungy flannel shirt and a curtained hairstyle:

Jonathan Brandis

A typical pixie-cut:

Pixie Cut

From the cast of Boy Meets World:

Boy meets world

The Caesar Cut!

Caesar cut

Rock band Korn, who formed in 1993:

Korn 90s

Here's Fiona "Fi" Phillips from the television series So Weird, sporting a typical 90s hairdo:


Here's one of those typical YT slideshow videos with music! If that happens to take your fancy!

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