25 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi

PR Fresh Looks Makeover

Everyone has go to love salon makeovers no matter what the occasion and before and after photos are designed to show dramatic changes in cut, color, and style which is why many before photos are taken with the client in their worse hairstyle, un-styled and untouched. We look at the dramatic change and we fall in love with the hairstyle makeover and that is why we have to point out those that are done greatly. PR at Partners Salon and Spa does a hands down fantastic job with their Fresh Looks total makeover. From changing hair length to color and style, the staff does a fantastic job and here is an example.

The asymmetrical bob looks fantastic and the color is enhanced with highlights. The end result is a new hairstyle that does an excellent job at facial framing and compliments her look.

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