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Know About The Popular Hairstyles For Men

Adam Levine Hairstyle1 300x300 Know About The Popular Hairstyles For Men
Every now and then we come to see various hair styles that are adorned by fashion experts, celebrities, sports athletes and many others across the world. If a person is thinking to adapt a hair style to look good and trendy, then he should consider the following hair styles that have become popular for men.

Short Hairstyles For Men 226x300 Know About The Popular Hairstyles For Men

The first one is the Fade and it is characterized by a tapering or blending from short to long lengths of the hair. This type can be seen in bald, skin, flat-top, and high and tight and high top haircuts. The second one is Piecey, which is a chunky hair style and within it random long or short hair are clumped together. This hairstyle is assisted by a wax, gel or a mouse to give a more stylish look respectively.
Men Hairstyles 271x300 Know About The Popular Hairstyles For Men
The third type of the hair style is the Fauxhawk which is a derivative of Mohawk and it is more subtle in appearance. Within this haircut, the hair on the sides of the head is cut into shorter length and the hair on the top part of the head is styled through a hair spray or a gel. The last hair style is the Front Wave which has been around since the eighties. In this the hair from the forehead are swept upwards and it is styled with some gel or a mouse as well.

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