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Checkerboard French Braid Hairstyle

The Checkerboard French Braid
(How to 5 Strand Braid With Ribbon)

5 strand french braid with ribbon

A few weeks ago we posted a fun checkerboard braid hairstyle.  This is a follow-up tutorial showing how to turn that regular braid into a french braid.  This is probably one of the more difficult plaits we have posted.... but completely doable with practice!  I would suggest mastering the regular checkerboard braid before attempting this french braid variation, as it will be much easier if you already have the regular braid down. (You can find the video tutorial for the regular braid by clicking here: Checkerboard braid video.)

The Princess has been loving this braid, and has worn this hairstyle several times over the past few weeks. Depending on your preference, this braid can be modified to look quite different with a few slight changes. As shown in the hairstyle photo above, this braid can be made with damp or wet hair, for a sleek, neat, and slicked down look.  Or, you can braid the hair while just slightly damp or dry and then stretch out the edges for a more voluminous, messy, or relaxed look (as shown in the photo below.) If you are unsure of how to stretch the strands of the braid, we have a video tutorial showing how to do that here:  How to stretch a braid.

checkerboard french braid

For another variation, this braid can be made without using ribbon as well!  Just substitute the 2 pieces of ribbon for 2 strands of hair (for a total of 5 strands) and then follow the braiding pattern shown in our video...  This will create a lovely 5 strand french braid. 

Checkerboard French Braid Video Tutorial:

We opted for a diagonal braid across the back of her head this time.  Of course, this braid can be made in a variety of cute hairstyles.  We would love to see your creations using this braid. 

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